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Icarus Brewing

Icarus Brewing, located in Lakewood, NJ, is a microbrewery that prides itself on offering hand-crafted ales and lagers with a local flavor. The brewery is named after the Greek mythological character, Icarus, and like its namesake, it is dedicated to reaching new heights and being daring with its brewing techniques and flavor profiles.


Icarus Brewing is committed to maintaining a balance between innovation and adaptability while striving to create the highest quality beers. The brewery is renowned for its diverse selection of beer styles, with offerings that transcend international and stylistic borders.

Some of Icarus Brewing's most popular beers include Yacht Juice IPA, Drinking Crayons Double IPA, and Power Juicer DIPA. Beer enthusiasts flock to Icarus Brewing to experience their exceptional beer selection and creative brewing techniques.

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