To Øl/Pohjala - Taanilinn

To Øl

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Taanilinn is the Estonian for Danish Town - this is where the capital Tallinn got its name from and this is where Denmark got their national flag Dannebrog in 1219, when it fell from the sky. Põhjala and To Øl created this beer together to honour the old Danish heritage of Tallinn. Deep complex oatmeal stout aged for months on Cognac barrels, spiced with all the best from the liquors of Estonia.

Aroma of coffee, cognac, vanilla, roasted malt, juniper berries, almonds, amaretto. Taste is full sweet, moderate bitter with a moderate dry finish. Notes of roasted malt, brown sugar, vanilla, grapes, slight wine, coffee, candied sugar.

  • 14%
  • 33cl
  • Estonia
  • Stout
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