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Plateau handcrafted gin is conceived from the ambition to create a gin with an edge, blending unusual ingredients, and work with the best possible distiller, to get a good result.
That is why you will find unusual ingredients like dragon fruit, coffee, licorice blended with classic ingredients like orris root, angelica root, juniper, fresh lime, and orange.

If you take all this, and then go to northern Sweden, where they make their own really nice base spirit from winter barley, harvested from the dark fields in the woods. Then you are into something.
Blend all this in a really nice copper pot still with 50% spirit, warm it up slowly to 70 degrees, and let it macerate for at least 24 hours, before being distilled. The final gin is blended with pure mountain spring Water to end up with a 42 % strong Plateau gin.
Try a G&T with a slice of orange or lemongrass, but also good ice cold on its own, with crushed coffee beans on top.
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