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Cloudwater Tasting Pack

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Welcome to the Cloudwater Brew Co. Tasting Bundle, where we invite you on a flavorful journey through five exceptional beers. Let's begin with the vibrant and refreshing Pale Ales and IPAs, and conclude with a rich and indulgent Stout that will leave you craving for more.

First up, we have Volley IPA, a taste of California sunshine in a glass. Inspired by West Coast beers, this IPA bursts with juicy tropical fruit and citrus flavors. With each sip, you'll be transported to a beachside paradise, indulging in the radiant warmth of the sun.

Then, we present Three Of A Kind Pale Ale, a celebration of hops coming together in perfect harmony. Strata, Idaho 7, and Citra hops combine their unique characteristics to create a Pale Ale that balances zesty citrus notes with a smooth and well-rounded profile. Discover the nuances of pink grapefruit, orange blossom, and mandarin as you explore this delightful brew.

As we transition to the hazy New England style, Window Seat IPA beckons you to embrace the changing seasons. Brewed to capture the essence of spring, this IPA showcases Idaho 7, Simcoe, and Strata hops, delivering a burst of mango and orange aromas. Sip and savor the delightful blend of orange and pineapple flavors, accompanied by a soft, lingering body and a satisfying off-dry finish.

Next, let's dive into the Proper DIPA: Strata Edition, where Strata hops take center stage. This Double IPA showcases enticing notes of melon and apricot, complemented by a floral and exotic fruit aroma. It strikes a perfect balance with a sweet body and a resinous finish, delivering a truly remarkable drinking experience.

Lastly, indulge in the rich and decadent My Continuous Improvement Chocolate Orange, a classic Pastry Stout that defies expectations. This Stout elevates the combination of chocolate and orange to new heights, reminiscent of a luxuriant dark chocolate mousse or silky torte infused with fresh, fragrant citrus flavors. With the addition of orange zest to the double cacao and double vanilla base, it creates a harmonious blend of indulgence and tanginess.

Indulge in the Cloudwater Brew Co. Tasting Bundle and embark on a remarkable beer adventure. From the crisp and vibrant Pale Ales to the rich and indulgent Stout, each beer in this collection offers a unique and memorable experience. Cheers to the journey ahead, and let the velvety goodness of My Continuous Improvement Chocolate Orange Stout be your grand finale!

4to11% vol
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