The Many Worlds - Sour Serenity

The Many Worlds Brewing 54,00

We wanted to take a different approach to the souring aspect of this beer. Rather than doing a typical kettle sour process, or simply adding lactic acid to the beer, we fermented this beer with a totally unique type of yeast called Lachancea Thermotolerans. This brewing yeast not only produces alcohol and flavors like normal yeast, but it also produces huge amounts of lactic acid during it's fermentation. So this beer has been soured during fermentation without the use of bacteria. This gives a more complex flavor rather than just straight lactic acid, which in our opinion is a bit boring.
After that we added almost 300 kg, that means we are using almost 30% fruit. Does NOT contain lactose.

4.5% vol
Sour - Fruited
44 cl
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