Northern Monk/De Molen - Dark City 2018

Northern Monk/De Molen

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Crème du Cacao, Vanilla & Butterscotch Imperial Stout // Devils Delight // Lervig Aktiebryggeri


When planning the beer to mark this transition we set out to make the biggest, deepest, and dare we say, the most sensual drinking experience to draw us into the expanding night. We convened with our brothers in the dark, Lervig Aktiebyggeri, to concoct a beer that refuses to hide in the shadows. Hitting the highest OG from our brewery so far at 1.129, we layered eight malts with two hop varieties and added a mountain of yeast to devour the sugars within. To add to the experience we rounded the beer with butterscotch and vanilla to make the silkiest smooth finish possible, with an alcohol level to keep you warm through the long, cold nights ahead.

A tribute to the impending and imposing winters of the north, to fire and metal, to the wonderful brewers who will join us for this; the darkest of festivals


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