Plateau - Tranquillite Gin


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Description PLATEAU TRANQUILLITÉ Gin not only got its name from the old tale of Marie”Tranquillité” Descoteaux, but also the inspiration for the recipe that became this unique and feminine gin. Marie`s parents died when she was very young and therefore she went to live with her uncle in Paris, where the family owned a small hotel and bar. When she got older she started delivering small packages for her uncle, soon she realised it was gin she was delivering. She became a well-known figure amongst the art and theatre society and soon became the synonymous with her uncle`s gin. After her first taste, she helped her uncle refine the gin to a more feminine and sophisticated gin by adding fresh Estragon, Coriander, Blueberry, Licorice, Nutmeg & Lavender to the recipe… …So this is the gin she will be remembered for!
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