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Bad Seed Brewing

Bad Seed Brewing, situated just outside Aalborg, Denmark, is a testament to the craft of brewing. Their ales and lagers are meticulously handcrafted, a fusion of premium ingredients and unwavering dedication. The result: a collection of bold, flavorful, and exceptionally quaffable beers.


Drawing the gaze of the Danish beer landscape, Bad Seed Brewing has made an indelible mark with its contemporary reinterpretation of the West Coast IPA. With titles like Slice Of Sunshine, they have redefined this classic style. Yet, their prowess extends far beyond hop-forward brews. Expertly mastering traditional styles like Pilsners and Lagers, they uphold the essence of these classics with a modern twist.

Venturing into the realm of barrel aging, Bad Seed Brewing's Barrel programme stands as a testament to their ingenuity. Remarkable results abound, exemplified by the exquisite Barrel Aged Adam Bier and the captivating King Ink. At Bad Seed Brewing, passion, innovation, and an unrelenting commitment to quality converge, producing beers that deserve a coveted spot on your tastebuds.

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