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Cantillon Three 37.5cl Bottles Bundle

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If you want to dive into the world of Lambics from Cantillon is a great place to start. 
This package contains three of their beloved beers - all in 37.5 cl versions. 

Gueuze Lambic 2023 37,5 cl.
This carefully blended beer, made from a combination of lambics from various years, perfectly captures the essence of tradition and time. Savor its subtle acidity, fruity notes, and delicate woody scent, leading to a satisfyingly dry finish. Its complex flavors and potential for maturation make it a valuable addition to any collection, allowing you to experience the legacy of Cantillon. Bottled on October 24th 2023. 5.5% alcohol by volume.

Kriek 100% Lambic Bio 2024 37,5 cl.
Discover the unique flavor of Brasserie Cantillon's Kriek 100% Lambic Bio 2024 37,5 cl. Made with cherries and lambic, this beverage boasts a perfect balance of tangy acidity and intricate taste. Kriek Cantillon is renowned as a masterpiece, offering a refreshing and unparalleled drinking experience. Furthermore, the use of organic agricultural elements in this exceptional lambic displays a commitment to quality and environmental sustainability. Satisfy your thirst with a flawless blend of tradition, flavor, and responsibility. Bottled on April 8th 2024. 6% alcohol.

Rosé de Gambrinus 2023 37.5 cl.
Discover the unparalleled flavors of Rosé de Gambrinus. Blending fresh raspberries with aged lambic, this Framboise Lambic delivers a symphony of tangy and aromatic notes that can only be achieved through traditional Belgian brewing methods. To truly experience its complexity, we recommend storing at 12-15 degrees and serving at 6 degrees. Join us in toasting the essence of Rosé de Gambrinus and the rich heritage of Belgian brewing. This batch was bottled on July 10th, 2023 and has an alcohol content of 5%.


5-6% vol
3 Cantillon Lambics
3x37.5 cl


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