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Flying Buffalo BA Imperial Stout 2022

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Unleash your taste buds with the 2022 edition of "Flying Buffalo." This mighty Russian Imperial Stout embarks on a journey of transformation, making its way into freshly emptied bourbon barrels immediately after fermentation. Nestled in Griffin Claw's climate-controlled "barrel bunker," it patiently ages for around 9 months under the watchful eyes of their brewers.

The process is an artful dance of controlled temperature fluctuations, unique to Griffin Claw Brewing Company. At the pinnacle of its barrel aging journey, "Flying Buffalo" is carefully judged to be ready for release, but quantities are limited. With a robust 12% ABV, this stout embodies complexity and depth that beckon the senses. Enjoy the rich reward of patient craftsmanship.

12% vol
Stout - Russian Imperial
35.5 cl


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