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Abomination Brewing Co.

Abomination Brewing Co.

Presenting Abomination Brewing Co.: Crafting Beyond Conventions

"At Abomination Brewing Co., we embrace the unconventional, challenging the very essence of tradition and forging new paths in the world of craft beer. While our brews won't evoke disgust, the idea of "abomination" serves as the cornerstone of our philosophy."


"Rooted in History: Our journey harks back to the rich history of beer, stretching as far as 1487 with the Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Act. For centuries, beer was confined to a strict recipe: hops, barley, water, and yeast. We say, "Well, that's not for us."

Usurping the Norms: Abomination Brewing Co. is here to disrupt these age-old norms and demonstrate that beauty can be found in the unexpected, and curiosity goes beyond the boundaries of hatred. Why should we be limited by the constructs of man-made laws when we can explore the infinite possibilities offered by science and fact? These questions are the heart of our endeavor.

A Pilgrimage of Exploration: We journey into uncharted territories, pushing the bounds of what beer can be. Abandoning the constraints of tradition, we create beers that challenge the status quo, inviting you to embark on a flavorful adventure that defies convention.

At Abomination Brewing Co., we celebrate the art of pushing boundaries and the beauty found in the unexpected. Join us in this pilgrimage of taste and exploration, where the only limits are those of our imagination. Discover a new realm of craft" beer with Abomination Brewing Co. Cheers to the freedom to craft beyond conventions!

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