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Barrier Brewing Company

Founded in 2009 by Evan Klein, Barrier Brewing Co. has been dedicated to producing exceptional craft beer from the very beginning. Starting out with a small 1bbl system in a 1,000 sqft warehouse, Barrier quickly gained a following for their commitment to quality and their passion for brewing a wide range of beer styles.


Despite the challenges that come with being a small, independent brewery, Barrier's reputation continued to grow. In 2012, they moved to a larger location with a 5-vessel 5bbl brewhouse, but were quickly hit with Hurricane Sandy, which shut down their operation for four months. However, the brewery's resilience and determination kept them going, and they were able to resume production in early 2013.

Today, Barrier operates on a 3-vessel 20bbl brewhouse, but it's their dedication to brewing exceptional beer that really sets them apart. They're committed to producing a range of beer styles that cater to every taste, from classic IPAs and stouts to experimental brews like fruited sours and barrel-aged beers.

At Barrier, you'll find a team of passionate brewers who take pride in every beer they produce. They use only the finest ingredients and carefully monitor the brewing process to ensure that each beer is perfect. The result is a range of beers that are both innovative and delicious, each with its own unique character and flavor.

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