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French Beers

French beer has a history stretching back centuries, but it's often overlooked in favour of wine. Nevertheless, France has a rich and diverse beer culture worth exploring.

From traditional breweries to innovative microbreweries, the country produces an impressive array of beers ranging from light and refreshing to dark and complex.

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French beers: Elegance and diversity

French beers are synonymous with elegance and diversity. They reflect the country's refined culinary traditions and are often created with care and attention to detail.

From the subtle flavours of a Belgian-inspired Saison to the deep complexity of a French Stout, you can expect to be seduced by the remarkable variety that French beer has to offer. This diversity is a reflection of the creative potential of French brewers who continuously experiment and develop new styles.

France's finest beers: Bière de Garde and more

Among France's finest beers is the traditional Bière de Garde. Literally meaning ‘beer for keeping’, this beer originated in the northern regions of the country and is known for its rich malt profile and complex flavour notes.

In addition to Bière de Garde, there is also a growing interest in other fine French beers, including Belgian-inspired Trappist beers and fresh, fruity farmhouse ales. These beers, often brewed in small batches and with a focus on quality over quantity, represent the best of what French beer culture has to offer.

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