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Monkish Brewing Co.


Nestled in Torrance, California, Monkish Brewing Co. stands as a radiant beacon in the craft beer universe. Guided by the vision of owner Henry Nguyen, this brewery has evolved into a true hop haven, celebrated for its mastery of the "Haze" phenomenon.

Monkish Brewing Co. paints a mesmerizing portrait of innovation and dedication. Once rooted in the Belgian-style tradition, the brewery embarked on a transformative journey, driven by a passion for hop-forward excellence. Today, Monkish's name resonates through the craft beer landscape as a vibrant synonym for top-tier "Haze" brewing.

With each pour, Monkish unveils a symphony of flavors, an artistry crafted through meticulous brewing techniques and a profound understanding of hops. Their beers are a testament to their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what hoppy brews can achieve.

In the heart of Torrance, Monkish Brewing Co. has etched its name among the stars of the craft beer galaxy, celebrated by enthusiasts near and far. As the sun sets over their fermenters, each bottle and can holds the promise of a hop-filled journey, a tribute to their evolution into a heralded "Haze" brewery.


I'm Monk-Ish IPA x Monkish

I'm Monk-Ish IPA x Monkish

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