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Pure Project Brewing

Pure Project Brewing, a distinguished microbrewery hailing from the vibrant beer scene of San Diego, has graced our local store in Vesterbro, Copenhagen, with an exceptional air-shipped selection. Exclusively available at KIHOSKH, and KIHOSKH.DK, these brews encapsulate a special experience for discerning enthusiasts.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce Pure Project Brewing.

Boasting an impressive overall rating of 4.03 out of 5 on, Pure Project Brewing has left an indelible mark with their primarily hop-infused creations, earning the fervent admiration of our beer connoisseurs.

In their own words: "At Pure Project, every beer is a narrative, a story that mirrors the finesse of a gourmet feast, the perfection of a morning brew, or the timeless allure of fine wine. We infuse this passion, creativity, and artistry into the ever-evolving craft beer landscape. Our aspiration is to enrich this movement with exceptional quality and experiential depth, imbuing context into every sip from your glass. Melding the quintessential Southern California essence with unique flavors and ingredients, we explore a diverse world of tastes. Our dedication knows no bounds, traversing the globe for quality inspirations while fostering local connections."

Embrace the journey as Pure Project Brewing intertwines the realms of imagination and craftsmanship, inviting you to explore a captivating tapestry of flavors in each artfully brewed creation.

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