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Our store Kihoskh

A corner shop, a hang out spot, a place for nerds, noobs, locals, visitors and you.

Kihoskh is a wordplay on the danish name for a convenience store, “kiosk”. As the name indicates, we are a local corner store that serves to fill in the gaps in our customers’ daily grocery shopping. Whether milk has been spilled, parties have run dry, or toilet paper has been forgotten, Kihoskh is ready to help every day, all year round. But there is a lot more to our little corner shop than first meets the eye…

Thanks to our bakery BRØD, located just 5 minutes down the road, we are able to offer a selection of organic breads and pastries, from national specialties to international classics, delivered fresh every morning. Furthermore, you can find freshly prepared sandwiches, salads, yogurts with homemade granola, warm snacks and much more.

To accompany your meal, we carry one of the biggest selections of craft beers and sodas in Copenhagen. Our shelves and special beer cellar, that is known worldwide, are filled with rarities of different beers from around the world.

At KIHOSKH you can find everything, from craft beer to Tuborg and artisan sodas next to your classic coca cola.

From flour to ice cream, board games to posters, plants to batteries, books to yoghurts, vinyls to cheese… we have it ALL.

We also offer ethically sourced, locally roasted coffee and plenty of other warm beverages. No matter if your choice is a matcha latte with oat milk, a turmeric latte with pae milk or a classic cappuccino, we got it. You can either take it with you or enjoy it in - or outside of our charismatic and cosy shop.

So come by, grab something to eat, something to drink, a magazine or a board game and take a break while enjoying our vibrant atmosphere.

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