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Saison Dupont Biologic 75cl

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Indulge in the legendary Saison Dupont Biologic from Brasserie Dupont—a quintessential Belgian Saison that has become a benchmark for one of Belgium's most significant beer styles. With an ABV of 5.5%, this organic variant exemplifies the essence of a classic Saison.

Saison Dupont stands as both an admired and imitated brew, revered worldwide for its impeccable craftsmanship. The beer owes its character to a robust and lively yeast strain that ensures complete fermentation and authenticity to the style. Pouring a straw-colored elixir, it forms a dense, creamy head that adds to its visual allure.

As you approach the glass, the aroma dances to life, reminiscent of freshly baked bread. The nose is invigorated with estery notes, accompanied by hints of citrus and spices. This sensory symphony sets the stage for what lies ahead.

On the palate, Saison Dupont delivers a full-bodied and malty experience. It entices with a lively effervescence that dances on your taste buds. As the flavors unfold, a zesty hop presence and a bright citrus character take center stage, providing a refreshing and invigorating finish.

One of the remarkable attributes of Saison Dupont is its incredible versatility when it comes to food pairing. Its harmonious profile allows it to complement a wide range of culinary delights, making it a go-to choice for pairing with various dishes.

5.5% vol
Saison Ale
75 cl


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