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Tercel Verte TIPA

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As you pour Tercel Verte, its radiant golden hue captivates the eye, hinting at the exceptional flavors that lie within. The aroma envelops your senses with an enticing bouquet of tropical fruits, citrus, and pine. Mosaic Cryo and Mosaic Incognito hops work in harmony to create a symphony of hoppy goodness, unveiling a complex tapestry of flavors.

With each sip, Tercel Verte unveils its remarkable character. The Mosaic Cryo hops unleash their concentrated essence, releasing vibrant notes of juicy tropical fruits, including mango, pineapple, and passionfruit. Meanwhile, Mosaic Incognito hops add a layer of intrigue, bringing forth their secret blend of aromatic compounds that contribute to the beer's depth and complexity.

The flavor profile of Tercel Verte is a celebration of hoppy decadence. Intense hop bitterness intertwines with juicy fruit flavors, creating a harmonious balance that keeps your taste buds engaged. The rich mosaic of flavors evolves on the palate, revealing hints of citrus zest, resinous pine, and a touch of floral sweetness.

9.8% vol
Triple IPA
47.3 cl


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