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Weekday Series: Sunday to Friday 6 Bottle Set

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Embark on an unparalleled beer journey with Cycle Brewing's Weekdays: Sunday to Friday 6 Bottle Set. This extraordinary collection encapsulates the essence of craft brewing mastery, featuring six meticulously crafted beers from the acclaimed Weekday Series.

Monday 2023 Imperial Stout (12.5% ABV): Indulge in the decadence of "Monday (2023)," a 3-year barrel-aged Imperial Stout with Hazelnut & Banana. Immerse yourself in velvety smoothness as maple, bourbon, vanilla, and honey interlace in a symphony of indulgence.

Tuesday 2023 Imperial Stout (12.5% ABV): Savor "Tuesday (2023)," a complex stout aged for 3 years, boasting coconut, dried peppers, cinnamon, and vanilla. This robust offering at 12.5% ABV is a perfect harmony of flavors, a testament to the artistry of barrel aging.

Wednesday 2023 Imperial Stout (12% ABV): Step into the realm of sophistication with "Wednesday (2023)," a 3-year Double Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Rich vanilla infusion and double barrel aging unravel layers of oak, bourbon, and a delightful interplay of sweetness and depth.

Thursday 2023 Imperial Stout (12.5% ABV): Experience the magnificence of "Thursday (2023)," a 3-year Double Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout. Indulgent cinnamon and the infusion of Bandit coffee elevate this offering, showcasing the pursuit of excellence in brewing.

Friday 2023 Imperial Stout x Omnipollo (12% ABV): Dive into the decadence of "Friday (2023)," a collaboration with Omnipollo. A 3-year Barrel-Aged Noa infused with coffee, cinnamon, and pecan, this symphony of flavors at 12% ABV is a magical journey to embrace the spirit of Fridays.

Sunday 2023 Barleywine (12.5% ABV): Unveil the artistry with "Sunday (2023)," a barrel-aged barleywine from Rare Dos Double Barrel. Aged in bourbon and cinnamon vanilla whiskey barrels, this exclusive edition at 12.5% ABV embodies Cycle Brewing's dedication to exceptional barrel-aged offerings.

12-12.5% vol
6 Beer Bundle
6x65 cl


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